Harraways Homegrown Heroes
In late 2020, Harraways announced their partnership with Plunket via a UGC contest. Entrants shared their parenting stories, with a photo or video and an explanation of what makes them a hero.
Following the contest's success, Harraways wanted to continue to leverage the content provided by entrants to promote their new 'Pick Me Help Plunket' campaign. Working with AMG Group and Amplifier Design, I created the assets for the Homegrown Heroes promotion. I utilised the photos and stories of 3 of the entries, playing up the 'superhero' theme but in a way that was on brand with both Plunket & Harraways. I handmade 'costumes' out of craft supplies, then scripted, photographed & edited a series of stop-motion videos to be used on social media and the Harraways website.

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